Monday, 28 March 2011

England in Bloom

I do not know much at all about flowers, but I do know how beautiful they are and I'm in heaven right now as I look out the windows of my home here in England. The country is a sea of yellow, with daffodils every where you look! These flowers below are what I have growing in my gardens. Lovin' spring here in the UK!

A parakeet taking flight from our neighbors tree. What sort of tree is this, I don't know, but it's pretty and pink! Cherry Blossom!??! I know many of you will know the answer to this! :)


  1. Good parakeet pic. We've only spotted the ellusive parakeets twice in our yard.

  2. Oh my. I want to be there! It's still dark and dreary over here!


  3. Those beautiful yellow daffodils are all over the place here too! I am in love with them, and happy we got to stay long enough this year to see them! :)

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