Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hang on World ~ Super Moon Approaching!


OK, my kids are freaking out about this 'Super Moon' coming up on March 19th, 2011. Our oldest son is like, "Mom....I'm too young to die." And then our middle son chimes in, "I don't want to die on my BIRTHDAY!" Yes, he turns 8 on the 19th! OK....awful words to hear your children say!
As I'm reading this, I'm thinking....."'s all hype...there's nothing to worry about." Not two seconds later, I click to re-fresh the Yahoo page and BAM! Breaking News: 8.9 earthquake hits Japan....Tsunami follows!!! WHAT?!?!??! The volcano Kilauea, on the big island in Hawaii, is blowing again! Think there's something to this theory?!?! Hang on world! Who knows what's going to happen next?


  1. Oh this is so scary !
    I was watching the movie 2012 and this morning i could not believe it !
    I don't know where we are going...
    I have not heard of the Super moon... sound like bad news.
    Follow me back !
    Have a good week end .

  2. At least the super-moon takes their minds off the super-ginormous spiders?

  3. Looks great!!! I'm your newest follower from the You Like Me Friday Blog Hop. If you get a minute please drop by and follow back. Have a super weekend!

  4. And in general, that is why I keep my head in the sand :) So so sad about Japan, though

  5. I'm sorry your sons were frightened by some witch doctor astrologer. I prefer to get my scientific info from a university educated astronomer. I hope you were able to allay their fears.
    I think there may be more seismic activity following a lunar eclipse. I grew up in So. Cal and we often saw a connection between these events.
    I have no fear for the world ending.
    Where in England do you live? We lived in Suffolk for 2 years. I loved it and would have stayed for ever if it had been possible.
    Your little boy is so cute. Does he enjoy his English school? Do they attend a public or private school?
    I look forward to following your adventures in England.