Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's (Mothering) Day

The UK celebrates Mother's Day, or as they call it, Mothering Day...on the fourth Sunday in Lent. During the 16th century, it was meant for people to attend their mother church for service. Eventually, people in Ireland and the UK started celebrating Mother's Day on the same day (this all according to my trusty Wikipedia). I think it's great that living here in England, I now get to celebrate being a "Mom or Mum" twice each year! :) I mean, it's only fair, since my two oldest call me Mom and my youngest calls me Mum...right, it's only fair?! :) My "Mothering Sunday" started out with my hubby and my two oldest boys waking me with breakfast (scrambled eggs, toast and milk) in bed. The plate was decorated with a beautiful cut flower from our garden too! :) The boys also each made a homemade Mother's Day card for me, which is ALWAYS the best present to get (besides their hugs and kisses). They were so sweet and proud! :) Once our youngest woke up, we decided to take a little drive south to Littlehampton to see the beach and check out this quaint little seaside village for the afternoon. Check out their great website and enjoy a few of the many pictures I captured today.

Happy Mothering Sunday to all my wonderful UK/Ireland friends! ♥

(Quick little note: I am SO frustrating when going to post my posts, because when I click PUBLISH, my posts get all "jacked up" and don't look the way they do before I click PUBLISH. I'm sure there's some HTML code I could easily put in to help me with this, but I don't know enough about these damn computers. This problem happens with EVERY post of mine and I waste a TON of time trying to go and fix the problem. Sometimes I'm able to, and other times I'm now! My toddler NEEDS to get to bed and I don't have time to play games with my damn I'm posting "as is" and the paragraphs may separate nicely, or they'll be all crammed together. Sorry if it looks terrible! Must get little man to bed!)


  1. Happy Mothering Day!

    I wish I could help you on your issue, but your post looks fine. I don't know anything about codes.

  2. I don't either...but it drives me crazy! I'll get it all ready to go, then after I publish, there'll be HUGE spaces between paragraph, etc. So frustrating. That's when I wish I had gone into computers in college! :) Thank you though! Hope you had a great day yesterday! :)

  3. Don't you have the Preview button? I can see mine the way it will post using the Preview before I publish.

  4. Kate...I do, and it's all "jacked up" when I click on PREVIEW too. When I click back to edit, it has moved all my spacing, so I REDO it again to look like I want it PREVIEW...all "jacked up" again!!! Then I go get a bottle of wine and keep working on it. This problem I can't figure out makes blogging NOT so much fun! Laura gave me a tip I'm going to try next. :) THank you!!! Jo

  5. I'm having problems comments are all over the bottom of my blog and I can't seem to fix it...I'm thinking of changing to wordpress, but not sure it it's too much hassle...

    but-I honestly haven't noticed anything wrong with your layout...