Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Access Hollywood Live: Matthew McConaughey Talks Family Life & Shares Parenting Advice | Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, Photos & Videos's one of my favorite actors talking about his upcoming movie LINCOLN LAWYER that debuts on March 18th! What I find interesting, is that when he's interviewed several times and asked about who else is acting in this movie with him, and he never once mentions Josh Lucas. Josh is a big-named actor too, but he doesn't mention this.

Why do you write of this you ask?

And more importantly, why do you care?!?!

Well....if you remember WAY back in time, Matthew once dated Penelope Cruz. I was thinking that Josh dated Penelope after Matthew....but as I'm typing this, realized that it wasn't Penelope Josh dated, but her friend Salma Hayek. So....there goes my theory that Matthew still holds a grudge against Josh for dating his ex-girlfriend (not that he ever did...I'm just...guessing, I mean gossiping). I have NO idea why he didn't mention Josh, unless he just doesn't consider Josh a big-named star?!?! disregard all my babbling. :) I should erase this and start again.....but why?!?! This is labeled HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP, is it not?!?! Read this and make fun of me if you must. :) It is 2am here in the UK as I type this. Once again...having a hard time sleeping. So much on my mind these days. We're obviously too busy, because I can't stop thinking about all the details of what needs to be accomplished the next day! Alright...I'll stop rambling now. Just enjoy the clip of Matthew. If you want to see more, there should be numerous clips off to the right of the one above, or just Google his name or the movie Lincoln Lawyer and you'll find all sorts of fun interviews!! G' Nite!
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