Monday, 21 March 2011

Casey Heynes Interview - Bully Victim Who Fought Back Rated PG

Oh my goodness...I just want to go right through this video and hold and hug this sweet young boy! It absolutely breaks my heart to know of his story, and that this happens to millions of children world wide every day!! WHY!?!?! Why are there these kids who think it's OK to treat people that way? Parents with these kids who bully really have to take notice and try and make the changes that need to be made to STOP BULLYING in our young children's lives!!

Casey're an incredibly brave young man who is hopefully inspiring oodles of kids to decide to stand-up for themselves too!

What is hard as a parent is this....I work very hard at trying to teach my boys EVERY day how to act with kindness and respect toward EVERYONE! Then they enter school and start seeing these "bullies", and they don't know how to defend themselves, because they were taught to be polite and nice to people. So, therefore, they don't know what to do! Just like Casey....he took SO much abuse for so many years because he didn't want to fight. He didn't want to get in trouble. The polite kids get screwed! what do we do!?!?! We have to back-peddle a bit and tell our kids...." polite and treat everyone with kindness....but if anyone picks on you...YOU KICK THEIR ASS!?!?!?" That's what I want to tell my kids. OK...those who know me know that I actually DID tell that to my kids. But FYI...I have super-sweet boys who smiled at me and said, "Mom....we can't do that...we'll get in trouble!" :) But you see....that's the problem. They don't "go there" because they've been taught that it's WRONG to hurt someone. It's a fine line! I will definitely be showing them Casey's interview. I hope they see that if they are ever in that sort of situation, and there's no way out....that it is OK to protect yourself. Now...Casey had an advantage with his height and size. My boys are pretty I'll have to teach them some good self-defense moves. :) Anyway....WAY TO GO CASEY! You're a good kid, you protected yourself, and you walk with your head held high!! ♥


  1. You are so right! Parents of bullies really need to stop it, before it gets out of hand. They have a responsibility. I awarded you the Stylish blogger award. I like your blog. Go to this link and follow the instructions:

  2. My eldest son was bullied at school because he was bigger than the other kids. Letter after letter to the school - meeting after meeting with the principal. In the end I wrote a letter telling the school that I had told my son to hit back with the same force. It took one altercation - my son hit back, And voila - never another incident of bullying again.

    I don't think much of private schools in England anymore tho.....