Monday, 14 March 2011

Billy the Exterminator is HERE!!!

While living in our temporary digs in Minnesota (Marriott Residence Inn), before we moved to England last summer (July 2010), my kids got hooked on the show Billy the Exterminator! It's a great show about this rad dude who removes pests such as wasps, bats, and racoons, to deadly snakes, alligators...and much more. I believe he removes everything without actually killing the pests. Some people appreciate that....I honestly could care less. All I know is that my kids LOVE to watch Billy's adventures. Of course, the show was NOT showing over here when we arrived, so I've been buying old episodes through iTunes every once in awhile as a little treat for them. But starting TONIGHT....Billy's show is NEW on the BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL. We are SOOO excited! I especially am because now I don't need to pay $$ to watch it. Well...any more than I already pay for SKY TV here in the UK. :)

Happy Kids + Ice Cream = Happy Momma!

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  1. My kids love that show too!!! All new episodes are DVR'd!! I enjoy reading this new blog thing you are doing you make me laugh out loud!! Take Care!!