Friday, 18 March 2011


More about these amazing cookies coming up in a post on Monday!

Good Morning! My wonderful friend HAPPYHOMEMAKERUK is hosting an AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY Linky Party today! If you're an expat like us, post a link about where you live and tell us a bit about your host country and your experiences!
Welcome to my blog post directly from Cobham, England (roughly 30 miles south of London). I am an American Expat from Minnesota who moved to England this past July, 2010.

Wow...where does a person begin on writing about England?! The history of this country is overwhelming! Some of the great places we've visited since moving here last summer are:

Every turn you make in this country tells a story! I hope to blog about all of my stops....past, present, and future! I'm just getting started in your blogging world, so please stop by often, follow me and be sure to leave me a comment with your link so I can follow you too! Thank you!

Speaking of future blog sure to visit me at the end of August for a blog about our visit to Althorp (Princess Diana's Childhood Home and Burial Site). I know that's quite a ways into the future...but don't forget, ok!?! :) Especially those of you who adored her like I did!

Today however, I'm going to blog to you about my most recent adventure....a tour of the 2012 Summer Olympics location in London! On Tuesday, March 15, 2011, a bunch of friends embarked on an adventure into eastern London. The Statford District of eastern London is quite an old and worn down industrial area of London. The city is currenly in a regeneration phase of this district. They are tearing down many industrial buildings and will be creating a 1,500 acre parkland (3x the size of Hyde Park) that will run from the Olympic Park down to the river Thames.

During our tour, we walked past the 3 Mill Studios which is currently where Danny Boyle (who is known for his role as director of Slumdog Millionaire), and his team of 300 people are working to prepare for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games.
The main stadium of the Olympic Games is supposed to house 80,000 people. The West Ham United Football Club will take over this structure once the 2012 Olympics are finished.
We walked to a point where we could oversee all the work being done. Only 500 days left until the Olympics start, from the day we toured this site!
Since it was such a huge milestone, there were some former British athletes who were up at the site with us. I managed to speak to a couple of them. The first gentleman's name is Chris Tomlinson. Chris was a former long jumper. Matt Skelhon is a former shooting gold medalist from the 2008 Paralympics. Click on their names to get more information about these ambassadors!

I'm super excited about applying for my tickets! I hope I get some really fun events to attend! If you're interested in applying yourself, click HERE to fill out your applications! You have until April 26th, 2011! Good luck and thank you for stopping by to read my post!


  1. Such a great post, JoAnn! Thank you so much for joining my 'party'. It wouldn't be the same without you!

  2. How fun, I would LOVE to see the new stadium there. Can't wait for the Olympics :)
    Stopped over from the 'Around the World in a Day Hop'. Have a great weekend!

  3. Calling by from the Expat Linky Party, I am an English woman now living in Italy. It is great to meet you virtually and I look forward to exploring your blog to see what yo think of my homeland :)

  4. hi, I found you via the link party, which I arrived a day late for!

    I'm a Brit now in the USA!

    I didn't actually visit a lot of the great London sites, which as Westminster Abbey, until I showed my American wife and daughter around London when I was in the UK!

    There is some great history in the UK. I went to St Augustine, over here in Florida, which was great, but as a Brit I couldn't understand why everyone though 400 years was all that old! lol