Wednesday, 23 March 2011


March 8, 2011 ~
This glowing product, Diet Mountain Dew, produced and owned by PepsiCo, is the American product that my hubby and I miss the most! So much so, that we are willing to pay TOP pound (Great British Pound) for this soda that we have found through various over-priced websites around the UK. Thank goodness we could even get it here at all!

Production kicked in over here in the UK just last year under the name Mountain Dew Energy. I've been harassing them on Facebook about selling Dt. Dew. The other day, I received a response stating that, very soon, they will be selling sugar free Mt Dew Energy. Very excited to give it a try!

March 20, 2011 ~
OK....this has been sitting in my drafts for a couple weeks now. Just hadn't finished it...and now my husband tells me that we can no longer get our Dt Dew over here in England. The two websites we would order from are no longer carrying it?!?!? WHAT?!?!?! He said we could ship it in from GERMANY!!! No thank you! The $2.81/can that we paid per can here was pricey enough. Guess I'll have to find other alternatives until the new Sugar Free Mt Dew Energy comes out! :) Ho Hum! :(

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  1. Hi! I am your newest follower. California, North Dakota and Michigan here (and a few more actually) but I am going to skip London. lol I think I will just live vicariously through your blog.

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