Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ingrid Seward on the Royal Family

On April 12, 2011, I attended an American Women of Surrey meeting with Ingrid Seward as the keynote speaker. She is the Editor-In-Chief of MAJESTY ~ The Quality Royal Magazine, and has been since 1983. She told us all kinds of great tidbits about the royal family! Here are a few interesting facts and quotes I jotted down:
  • "The Queen is thrilled that Kate is a commoner!"
  • "She's (the Queen) concerned that Kate comes from a stable-minded background."
  • Ingrid says that Kate's Mum is "very glamorous and glossy"! :)
  • "The Queen wishes that she would have established a better rapport with Diana."
  • "Charles will NOT abdicate the throne to William, because he would want him to have his freedom before he takes on the responsibility of becoming King."
  • Ingrid feels bad for Fergie for not being invited to the wedding and that she believes William did NOT invite her out of respect for his grandfather. Prince Philip does not care for Fergie because of the way she disrespected their family. Fergie was a close friend to Diana and the boys were supposedly quite close to Fergie growing up. Fergie's a "busted flush" ~ not liked by the English people.
  • "Will and Kate will cut their wedding cake with a sword (tradition)."
  • "Harry has a twinkle in his eye like Diana had."
  • Will and Kate will live in a 6 bedroom farm house on an island in Wales for two years. When they're in London, they'll live in a small apartment in Kensington Palace.
This is one of the two books she was selling that I purchased.
She signed both of them inside for me. See below for an example.

Majesty magazines photo by me, as are the bottom two of Ingrid's book.


  1. Pretty cool post. I can't wait to watch the wedding Friday!

  2. Oh how fun and interesting!

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  3. Yes, great post, sweetie. Come over to see my "Royal Wedding" attire, a bit of pure fantasy by a Texas fashionista. Cheers!

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  5. What a great post, and neat experience JoAnn. Loved it.

    Still doing wedding stuff, of course.

  6. Lucky you - what an interesting talk to attend. I love reading tidbits like the ones you posted.