Monday, 25 April 2011

What the hell does BOB'S YOUR UNCLE mean?!

When we were preparing to move to England, we all went through "cultural training". One of our sons noticed a common English phrase in his workbook ~ Bob's Your Uncle. He asked our instructor what it means. She told him it means "and that's all" basically. Well...for some reason, he got a total kick out of this phrase and started to use it all the time. So, when I was trying to come up with a unique title to my blog, Bob's Your Uncle just stuck! :)

On Friday, April 29th, 2011, after William and Kate are united in marriage, they've had their reception, and the sun has set...Buckingham Palace will NOT be leaving their lights on all night long like Westminster Abbey....and Bob's Your Uncle! :)
Here's another great example of the definition of Bob's Your Uncle: This is a well used phrase. It is added to the end of sentences a bit like and that's it! For example if you are telling someone how to make that fabulous banoffee pie you just served them, you would tell them to boil the condensed milk for three hours, spread it onto a basic cheesecake base, slice bananas on top, add some whipped double cream, another layer of banana and Bob's your uncle!


  1. That is so interesting. I was wondering what that phrase meant or why you chose that. Funny saying. Rather odd, really, but I guess it's very common over there. Do you hear it often?

  2. I've been wondering what that meant?! Thanks for clearing that up...LOL However, I do believe if I were to repeat that phrase here in Oklahoma that people would look at me like I had two heads!

  3. I was wondering what the heck it meant. funny. You need to put a link to this post on your sidebar for new readers to find always going forward. I am a fellow midwesterner, but alas from Wisconsin not MN. Enjoy the Wedding!